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QF732HA |𶢨MξתdO

QF732HA M𶢨BȦ樮B]p}oתdO.

Wheel size: 700c / 26" on-road sports bike.

Max. Tire Width: 25~32mm

Weight below 115g.

Single-armed Stay: Aluminum Hollow Stay 10 mm O.D.

Flap length:11.8" (300mm)

Bracket: H-type

Main Hardware: Stainless Steel

O.L.D. Compatibility: 100~135 mm

Connecting the front suspenion fork with QF732H by a connector parts QFAF25 in a special need.

Pls click QBICLE website/ PRODUCT / BICYCLE PARTS / QFAF25 for more details.


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