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How to pack a bike without removing the rear wheel set ?

We found a good demonstration for bike packing in a longer bike carton box (140 cm in length) by Liv Cycling USA. Great to share it with all. If you do not want to remove the rear wheel and put the bike upright in a general carton box, it is so good.

If you have a desire to upgrade your travel to have more protections and water-proof on your beloed bike, welcome to check out our Bike Porter L size (BP31408030 combo). It is water proof and foldable.  Size 140x80x30 cm. Folded size 86x80x7 cm, super slim and tiny as a floor mat in your living room. Box only 4 kgs. Super light-weight to save your money when check-in in airport. Then you are deserved a nice cuisine or updated accommodations. 

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