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Folding bike fender QF235EA

Qbicle Tangent fender QF235EA designed for folding bike or urban compact bike. The revolutionary Qbicle mudguard hugs your tire and channels water & mess away from your back. It’s slim and sleek design ensures discreet protection with elegance. Superlight  and stylish mudguard with aluminum shaft. Inconspicous design. Fantastic performance.

Riding in city or on roads aside riverbanks usually means that there has to be some water or even dirts around the back sometimes.  A lot of sportive riders tell us that having a rear fender (mudguard) to stop the worst of the dirt from splattering the racers back from mildly damp roads and puddles would be great, if it was easy to fit, light-weighed almost nothing and was hardly noticed when you looked at the bike. Until now, finding such a fender was not easy but QBICLE have produced the solution for city bikes in 2013 summer.  This innovation have ever been granted 2013 iF Gold Award of Product Design and 2014 Taiwan Award of Excellence. Awarded 2014 IDEA Silver by IDSA , the US too.

QF235EA for bike category: Compact / City / Folding / Urban bike

Wheel size: 20" 

Max. Tire Width: 1.75" 

Weight 90g.

Single-armed Stay: Aluminum Hollow Stay  10 mm O.D.

Flap length:11.8" (300mm)

Bracket: E-type

Main Hardware: Stainless Steel

O.L.D. Compatibility: 100~135 mm

Custom design and production is very welcome.

The US 20 years of Invention Patent and Global patents by Qbicle Inc. 

Made in Taiwan. 

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