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AQUAir bike saddle carrier

Qbicle Saddle Carrier - AQUAir

Cycling over hours and hundreds of miles? Or shifting training courses? Qbicle saddle carrier AQUAir helps you get much more mobile!

It helps racers challenge a longer distance by performing mega holding functions on the rear of saddle rail in connection with an angle-adjustable device. Like a visible parts compartment, this tiny mechanism brings racers mega conveniences by carrying vital stuffs.

Qbicle AQUAir saddle carrier is a patented detachable device for racer’s hydration and repair tools in an arm reachable distance. It helps racers solve the problem in a journey of storing tubes, tire air faucet, two CO2 cartridge, two hydration bottles etc.

Worldwide patents by Qbicle Inc.
Made in Taiwan.

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