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Folding bike mobility: Bike Roller QRST-288 / QRST-318 / QRST-342

A tiny product creates a great convenience to mobilize your folding bike.
User friendly design to assemble it with QR device. No tools needed. Very easy!
It also presents anelegant outlook by Qbicle in-house design.

Light weight: only 152g per set.
PU roller with lowest noise and best protection for your office or in-house floor. 

Three sizing choices for the seat tube inner diameters of 28.8mm (MODEL NO. QRST-288) / 31.8 mm (QRST-318) / 34.2mm (QRST-342) . 

Model no. QRST-XXX range is additionally equipped with a starbolt of quick release than FBR-xxx range.

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