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Bike Porter (2017 L)

This model will be upgraded by Bike Porter (2018 L size) for a more compact folded size and a new way of folding method at the beginning of 2018. The information of video and product spec below is for the consumer's reference who owned it in 2016 and 2017.
Unfolded size: 140 (L)x80(H)x30(W) cm   

2017 version folded size: 86x80x7 cm.

No need to dissemble the rear wheel set. 

Weight: Box 4 kgs. Combo set 5 kgs.

It can load the 29er, 27.5 inches MTB, all terrain bikes, and most kinds of bikes.  

QBICLE Bike Porter comes to help cyclists travel with a bike. Foldable, super light-weight, re-usable, detachable, waterproof, and solid structure by our patented four S bindings in-and-out through pieces of boxes. 

Bike Porter L size includes 3 pieces of corflute-made box structures, 3 pieces of hook and loop fasteners in red to firmly bind the boxes, and attached the Eco Trolley TOGO mobility wheeling set. 
By attached Qbicle Eco Trolley TOGO, Qbicle Bike Porter can make your cycling travel very easy. Just push it then go forward. 

Compared to the other bike hardcover travel suitcases generally weight more than 10 kgs, or others carrying soft bags which can not protect a bike well enough, Qbicle Bike Porter L size is so lightweigh (only 4kgs), solid, movable,
very compact and only slim in 7cm after the whole pack folded, re-usable and much saving on airline budgets too. It can create a huge benefits of mobility for cyclists in traveling.


1.    The most compact size for a very good storage.  

2.    Strong and solid box structure by patented design of four S binding in-and-out around three pieces of boxes. 

3.    L size box is only 4 kgs.

4.    Flat delivery for an economical choice on fares and transportation methods.

5.    Waterproof. Anti-splashing material and washable.

6.    Durable uses around 20 trips if maintained well during air flying transition. Anti-worn with high strength construction by patented design.

7.    Special 4 levers in black to help easily move up and down. 

8.    Reusable, eco-friendly for environment: no any glues. No staples, nuts or screws are ever used. 

20 years of Invention Patents, global patents, designed by Qbicle Inc. 

Made in Taiwan.  

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