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Bike Porter PRO (S size)

Its new design  specially for pro racers who are in frequent travels and who are one kind of handy guy good at mechanical skills. Cycle anywhere with QBICLE Bike Porter !  This compact box can go with racers anywhere. 

Box size is 106x74x23 cm. Folded size is 74x66x6 cm only. Box weight is only 2.3 kgs. Combo set weight (TOGO mobility set included) is 3.3 kgs.

New box structure design by 2 pieces and ultrasonic welding method. Good for an easy pop-up and durability due to this 20 years of Invention Patents honored product design. More simple and more light weight.


Attached the Eco Trolley TOGO mobility wheeling set for your easy mobility and compact storage. 

Design and manufactured by Qbicle Inc.

Global patents, 20 years of Invention Patents by Qbicle Inc.

Made in Taiwan. 

Custom design, custom scheme of box color, and custom production is welcome. 

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