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Bike Porter Limo (XL size)

QBICLE Bike Porter Limo comes to help you travel with your own tandem bike.

Box unfolded size: 175 x 80 x 30 cm.

Folded size only 87 x 80 x 10 cm.

Only 6 kgs per box.

It needs to take off the front wheel set when packing the tandem in the Bike Porter Limo. 

On travelling, just attach the mobility wheeling set TOGO under the box, you can move it forward for an easy go. Total weight is 7 kgs (box + TOGO) in one combo set. 

Ask us by webmail if you have a demand. 

Design and patented by Qbicle Inc.

Manufactured by Qbicle Inc.

Made in Taiwan. 

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