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Bike Porter STD (M size)

New box structure of Bike Porter is made only in 2 pieces. More handy while poping-up and much light weight than the original design. Box in M size: 116x80x30 cm; while folded 78x76x6 cm. Box weight is only 3 kgs. Less weight 400g than 2016 version BP31168030.  Global standard offers in black or white .

Attached TOGO the mobility wheeling set for your easy travel. 

Combo weight (TOGO the mobility wheeling set included) is 4 kgs. 

Design and manufactured by Qbicle Inc.

Global patents, 20 years of Invention Patents by Qbicle Inc.

Made in Taiwan. 

Custom design, custom scheme of box color, and custom production is welcome. 

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