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PRO Bag for Bike Porter (S)

Specially designed for Bike Porter PRO (S size, unfolded size 106x74x23 cm). Compatible with Bike Porter TOGO wheeling set.

PRO BAG helps cyclists move upstairs and downstairs, just easily push for a go by attached Bike Porter TOGO set hooked under the bag. Not only more protection, but also PRO BAG performs 3 in 1 functions: Storage of Bike Porter, Moving capability by pushing forward for a go, shoulder carrying or handling up anywhere by handlers . Bike Porter 3-in-1 Bag introduction:

Any size of Bike Porter Bag excludes the TOGO wheeling set. TOGO comes with the purchase of Bike Porter in a retailing package except the sales and service in Japan.

What is the meaning of 3 in 1 Bike Porter Bags?

Function 1:  shoulder-carrying to move upstairs and downstairs.
Function 2:  moving after attaching the TOGO mobility wheeling sets under the bag. (the TOGO model comes with the Bike Porter combo on a purchase). To pop up the Bike Porter box, put your bike in the Bike Porter box, then fasten the box up in red straps, then put the box upside down for easily wearing the BP bag on. Tie it up again. That is it.  

When you want to move on the slop, pavement or move from airport to any public transportation of coach, buses or taxi with an easy pushing forward, you need to attach 4 wheeling sets beneath the bag. Then just a hand to move on anywhere.

Function 3: storage. When you do not use Bike Porter after a travel, the BP bag can be store the Bike Porter box by a special folding method.

Bike Porter Bag is an accessory for Bike Porter.  It makes Bike Porter a more extensive application by 3 in 1 designed functions.  If you do not buy the Bike Porter (Bike Porter box with Eco Trolley TOGO) and you only want to buy the Pro Bag 106, then it only will have one function: shoulder carrying a bike by the bag. For the other two functions (storage of Bike Porter as the above photo and pushing forward for a go by Eco Trolley TOGO) will be missing.  

Design and made by Qbicle Inc.

Made in Taiwan.  

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